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The gout james gillray.jpg
The Gout (James Gillray, 1799) depicts the pyne o the airtist's podagra as a demon or draigon.[1][2]
SymptomsJynt pyne, swallin, an reidness[3]
Uisual onsetAulder males[4]
CausesUric acid[4]
Risk factorsDiet heich in meat or beer, owerwecht[4][5]
Seemilar condeetionsJoint infection, reactive arthritis, pseudogout, ithers[6]
PreventionWecht loss, veetamin C, nae drinkin alcohol, allopurinol[4]
TreatmentNSAIDs, steroids, colchicine[7]
Frequency1 to 2% (developit warld)[4]

Goot is a form o inflammatory arthritis chairacterised bi recurrent attacks o a reid, tender, het, an swallen jynt.[3]

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