Google Fiber

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Google Fiber
Teep o steid
Diveesion o Alphabet
Aurie served Atlanta, Austin, Kansas City, Nashville, Provo
Industry Multiple-system operator
Products Braidbaund Internet
Cable televeesion
VoIP telephone
Parent Alphabet
Slogan(s) "A different kind of Internet and TV"
Launched Februar 10, 2010; 9 years ago (2010-02-10)
Current status Active
Google Fiber Cairt

Google Fiber is Alphabet Inc.'s fiber-tae-the-premises service in the Unitit States, providin Braidbaund Internet an cable televeesion tae a smaa an slowly increasin nummer o locations.[1] As o end o 2014, Google Fiber haed 29,867 televeesion subscribers.[2] As o Oct 2015, up tae 120,000 customers hae been estimatit.[3]

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