Godfrey o Bouillon

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Godfrey o Bouillon
Godfrey of Bouillon, holding a pollaxe. (Manta Castle, Cuneo, Italy).jpg
Godfrey o Bouillon, frae a fresco pentit bi Giacomo Jaquerio in Saluzzo, northren Italy, aroond 1420
Defender o the Haly Sepulchre
Ring22 Julie 1099 – 18 Julie 1100
PredecessorPoseetion established
SuccessorBaldwin I (as Keeng o Jerusalem)
Duke o Lawer Lorraine
Reing1089 – 1096
SuccessorHenry I
Bornc. 1060
Dee'd18 Julie 1100 (aged 39–40)
BuirialKirk o the Haly Sepulchre
HooseHoose o Flanders
FaitherEustace II o Boulogne
MitherIda o Lorraine

Godfrey o Bouillon (French: Godefroy de Bouillon, Dutch: Godfried van Bouillon, German: Gottfried von Bouillon, Laitin: Godefridus Bullionensis; 18 September 1060 – 18 Julie 1100) wis a Frankish knicht an ane o the leaders o the First Crusade frae 1096 till its conclusion in 1099.