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God Macabre wur ane o the first Swadish daith metal baunds alang wi peers Carnage an Entombed an as such are essential in the creation o Swadish daith metal[1]. They wur formed in the winter o 1988 as a grindcore baund named Botten På Burken In 1989 the switcht tae playin daith metal an changed their name tae Macabre End. They released a demo in September 1990 titled Consumed by Darkness which turned intae an unnergrund hit. Thereefter they changed their name ance again tae God Macabre. In 1992 the baund split up efter Johansson an Nilsson left the baund in 1991 an nae suitable replacements coud be foond. Boder an Sjöberg formed the baund Snake Machine which evolved intae Space Probe Taurus. Efter the split-up the ae album recordit wis released - The Winterlong.... The album wis re-issued in 2002 wi the demo as bonus tracks bi Relapse Records. In Mairch 2008 the Relapse version o the album wis an aa released on vinyl for the first time bi the Swadish label Bloodharvest Records.

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Consumed by Darkness (demo, September 1990) - as Macabre End
The demo was remixed and released as a 7" in June 1991.
  • The Winterlong... (Recorded December 1991, Released December 1993)

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