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Location o Gochang in Jeollabuk-do

Gochang Coonty (Gochang-gun) is a coonty in the Jeollabuk-do Province, Republic o Korea. It is a rural aurie, an is hame tae anerlie ane institution o heicher education: Gochang Polytechnic College.

Famous fowk frae Gochang include the 20t-century poet Midang.

The temple o Seonunsa is an aa locatit in Gochang.

The Gochang Dolmens locatit in Maesan veelage are leetit as a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid an Historic Steid #391.

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Coordinates: 35°26′00″N 126°42′00″E / 35.4333333433°N 126.70000001°E / 35.4333333433; 126.70000001