Glorioso Islands

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Glorioso Islands

Îles Glorieuses
Banner o Archipel des Glorieuses
Motto: Liberté, égalité, fraternité
"Liberty, Equality, Britheruid"
Location o the Scattered islands in the Indian Ocean. 1. Bassas da India 2. Europa Island 3. Glorioso Islands 4. Juan de Nova Island 5. Tromelin Island KM=Comoros MG=Madagascar MU=Mauritius MZ=Mozambique RE=Réunion YT=Mayotte

The Glorieuses or Glorioso Islands (French: Îles Glorieuses or offeecially an aa Archipel des Glorieuses) are a group o French islands an rocks totallin 5 square kilometres (1,200 acres), at 11°33′S 47°20′E / 11.550°S 47.333°E / -11.550; 47.333Coordinates: 11°33′S 47°20′E / 11.550°S 47.333°E / -11.550; 47.333, in the Indian Ocean, aboot 160 kilometres (99 mi) northwast o Madagascar.