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Acute angle closure glaucoma.JPG
Acute angle closure glaucoma o the person's richt eye (shawn at left). Note the mid-sized pupil, that wis non-reactive tae licht, an reidness o the white pairt o the ee.
Specialty Ophthalmology
Symptoms Veesion loss, ee pyne, mid-dilatit pupil, reidness o the ee, nausea[1][2]
Uisual onset Gradual, or sudden[2]
Risk factors Increased pressur in the ee, faimily history, migraines, heich bluid pressur, obesity[1]
Diagnostic method Dilated ee examination[1]
Seemilar condeetions Uveitis, trauma, keratitis, conjunctivitis[3]
Treatment Medication, laser, surgery[1]
Frequency 6–67 million[2][4]

Glaucoma is a group o ee diseases that result in damage tae the optic nerve an veesion loss.[1] The maist common teep is appen-angle glaucoma wi less common teeps includin closed-angle glaucoma an normal-tension glaucoma.[1] Appen-angle glaucoma develops slawly ower time an thare is na pyne.[1] Side veesion mey begin tae decrease follaed bi central veesion resultin in blindness if nae treatit.[1] Closed-angle glaucoma can present gradually or suddenly.[2] The sudden presentation mey involve severe ee pyne, blurred vision, mid-dilatit pupil, reidness o the ee, an nausea.[1][2] Veesion loss frae glaucoma, ance it haes occurred, is permanent.[1]

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