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The Glattalp lies in a Glen abuin Bisisthal in the Swiss Canton in the community o Muotathal.

Frae Sahli traivel tae the Glattalp bi cable caur, thare ye wad find yersel at ower 1850 m.ü.M., an naur the Glattalpsee. Thare ye will find a pouerstation kent as the Elektrizitätswerke des Reegion Switz Canton.

Aground the byous Layers in the Glen are the Temperatur, in the Winter, at plainer sicht gey laich. Temperaturs unner minus 30 Grad are kyndly[wrang wird or uiss o Scots] (A dinna ken whit leid that's mynt tae be!).

The Laichest Temperatur Recordit in Swisserland wis setten on Februar 7t 1991 an meisured -52.5 °C. The wather fowk at MeteoSwitz (SMA) disna recogneeze this Record acause it coudna be confirmed, the Glattalp bein uninhabitatit. La Brévine is aye still offeecialy the cauldest pynt o Swisserland at -41.8 °C on 12 Januar 1987.

In ware the Glattalp is a weel-likit destination, on accoont o its floridity. Young horse is hauden thare in the simmer an aw.

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Coordinates: 46°54′56″N 8°53′13″E / 46.9156°N 8.8869°E / 46.9156; 8.8869