Giuseppe Farina

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Giuseppe Farina
Born Emilio Giuseppe Farina
30 October 1906(1906-10-30)
Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Dee'd 30 Juin 1966(1966-06-30) (aged 59)
Aiguebelle, Savoy, Fraunce
Formula Ane Warld Championship career
Naitionality Italy Italian
Active years 19501955
Teams Alfa Romeo, Ferrari
Entries 34 (33 stairts)
Championships 1 (1950)
Wins 5
Podiums 20[note 1]
Career pynts 115 ​13 (127 ​13)[note 2]
Powl poseetions 5
Festest laps 5
First entry 1950 Breetish Grand Prix
First win 1950 Breetish Grand Prix
Last win 1953 German Grand Prix
Last entry 1955 Italian Grand Prix

Emilio Giuseppe "Nino" Farina (30 October 1906 – 30 Juin 1966) wis an Italian racin driver. He staunds oot in the history o Grand Prix motor racin for his much-copied "straicht-arm" drivin style an his status as the first ever Formula Ane Warld Champion.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. tot o 20 podiums includes baith 2nt place an 3rd place at the 1955 Argentine Grand Prix
  2. Up until 1990, not all points scored by a driver contributed to their final World Championship tally (see leet o pynts scorin seestems for more information). Nummers wioot parentheses are Championship points; nummers in parentheses are tot pynts scored.

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