Giro d'Italia

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Giro d'Italia
Race details
Date Mey–Juin
Region Italy an nearby kintras
English name Tour o Italy
Local name(s) Giro d'Italia (in Italian)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Warld Tour
Type Grand Tour
Organiser RCS Sport
Race director Michele Acquarone
First edeetion 1909 (1909)
Edeetions 100 (as o 2017)
First winner  Luigi Ganna (ITA)
Maist wins
5 wins
Maist recent  Tom Dumoulin (NED)

The Giro d'Italia (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒiːro diˈtaːlja]; Scots: Tour o Italy) is an annual stage race bicycle race primarily held in Italy, while an aa occasionally passin through nearbi kintras.[1] The race wis first organized in 1909 tae increase sales o the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport;[1][2] however it is currently run bi RCS Sport.[3][4] The race haes been held annually syne its first edeetion in 1909, except when it wis stopped for the twa warld wars.[1] As the Giro gained prominence an popularity the race wis lengthened, an the peloton expandit frae primarily Italian participation tae riders frae aw ower the warld. The Giro is a UCI Warld Tour event, which means that the teams that compete in the race are maistly UCI Proteams, wi the exception o the teams that the organizers can invite.[5][6]

Alang wi the Tour de France an Vuelta a España, the Giro maks up cyclin's prestigious three-week-lang Grand Tours.[1][7] The Giro is uisually held durin late Mey an early Juin.[1] While the route chynges each year, the format o the race stays the same, wi the appearance o at least twa time trials, the passage through the muntains o the Alps,[8] includin the Dolomites,[9][10] an the finish in the Italian ceety o Milan.[11][12] Like the ither Grand Tours, the modren edeetions o the Giro d'Italia normally consist o 21 day-long segments (stages) ower a 23-day period that includes 2 rest days.[1]

Aw o the stages are timed tae the finish. Efter finishin the riders' times are compoondit wi thair previous stage times. The rider wi the lawest aggregate time is the leader o the race an gets tae don the covetit pink jersey.[1][13] While the general classification gathers the maist attention thare are ither contests held within the Giro: the pynts classification for the sprinters,[13] the muntains classification for the climbers,[13] young rider classification for the riders unner the age o 25,[13] an the team classification for the competin teams.[13] The 2013 edeetion o the race wis wan bi Italian rider Vincenzo Nibali.

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