Giovanni Domenico Cassini

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Giovanni Domenico Cassini
Giovanni Cassini.jpg
Born 8 Juin 1625(1625-06-08)
Perinaldo, Republic o Genova
Died 14 September 1712(1712-09-14) (aged 87)
Paris, Fraunce
Residence Italy, France
Naitionality Italian, French
Alma mater The Jesuit College at Genoa
Kent for Cassini Division, Cassini's laws, Cassini oval;
1st tae observe the diveesion in the raings o Saturn
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics, astrology astronomy, ingineerin
Institutions Varsity o Bologna

Giovanni[lower-alpha 1] Domenico Cassini (8 Juin 1625 – 14 September 1712) wis an Italian mathematician, astronomer, astrologer an ingineer.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. His name mey an aa be spelled Giovan or Gian.