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Giorgione 059.jpg
A possible sel-portrait, perhaps as David
Born Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco
c. 1477–1478
Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
Died 1510 (age 32–33)
Venice, Italy
Naitionality Italian[1]
Eddication Giovanni Bellini
Kent for Pentin
Notable wirk(s) The Tempest
Sleepin Venus
Castelfranco Madonna
The Three Filosofers
Muivement High Renaissance

Giorgione (Italian: [dʒorˈdʒoːne]; born Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco; c. 1477/8–1510[2]) wis an Italian penter o the Venetian schuil in the Heich Renaissance frae Venice, whase career wis cut off bi his daith at a little wer 30.

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