Gian Lorenzo Bernini

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Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Gian Lorenzo Bernini, self-portrait, c1623.jpg
Sel-portrait o Bernini, c. 1623
Born Gian Lorenzo Bernini
7 December 1598(1598-12-07)
Naples, Kinrick o Naples, in present-day Italy
Died 28 November 1680(1680-11-28) (aged 81)
Roum, Papal States, in present-day Italy
Naitionality Italian
Kent for Sculpture, pentin, airchitectur
Notable wirk(s) David, Apollo and Daphne, The Rape o Proserpina, Ecstasy o Saunt Theresa
Muivement Baroque style

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (an aa Gianlorenzo or Giovanni Lorenzo; Naples, 7 December 1598 – Roum, 28 November 1680) wis an Italian airtist an a prominent airchitect[1] who wirked principally in Roum.

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