Germany weemen's naitional fitbaw team

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Nickname(s)Die Nationalelf
(The Naitional Eleiven)
AssociationGerman Football Association
(Deutscher Fußball-Bund, DFB)
ConfederationUEFA (Europe)
Heid coachSilvia Neid
CaiptainNadine Angerer
Maist kaipsBirgit Prinz (214)
Tap scorerBirgit Prinz (128)
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current2 Steady[1]
Heichest1[1] (October 2003, March 2004, March 2005, March 2006, October 2007)
Lawest3[1] (July 2003, March 2009)
First international
 Wast Germany 5–1 Switzerland  
(Koblenz, West Germany; 10 November 1982)
Biggest win
 Germany 17–0 Kazakhstan 
(Wiesbaden, Germany; 19 November 2011)
Biggest defeat
 United States 6–0 Germany 
(Decatur, United States; 14 March 1996)
Warld Cup
Appearances6 (first in 1991)
Best resultChampions, 2003 and 2007
European Championship
Appearances9 (first in 1989)
Best resultChampions, 1989, 1991, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013
German naitional team in 2012

The Germany weemen's naitional fitbaa team (German: Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft der Frauen) represents Germany in internaitional weemen's association fitbaa an is directit bi the German Fitbaa Association (DFB). Initially cried "Wast Germany" in informal Scots, the team played its first internaitional match in 1982. Efter German reunification in 1990, the DFB squad remained the naitional team o the Federal Republic o Germany.

The German naitional team is ane o the maist successful in weemen's fitbaa. They are twa-time warld champions, haein wan the 2003 an 2007 FIFA Wamen's World Cup. Germany is the anerly naition tae hae wan baith the men's an the weemen's Warld Cup. The team haes wan aicht o the eleiven UEFA European Championships, claimin the last sax titles in a row. Germany haes wan three bronze medals at the Women's Olympic Football Tournament, feenishin third in 2000, 2004 an 2008. Birgit Prinz haulds the record for maist appearances an is the team's aw-time leadin goalscorer.

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Titles[eedit | eedit soorce]

Precedit bi
1999 United States 
World Champions
2003 (first title)
2007 (seicont title)
Succeedit bi
2011 Japan 
Precedit bi
1987 Norawa 
European Champions
1989 (first title)
1991 (second title)
Succeedit bi
1993 Norawa 
Precedit bi
1993 Norawa 
European Champions
1995 (third title)
1997 (fowert title)
2001 (fift title)
2005 (saxt title)
2009 (seventh title)
2013 (aicht title)
Succeedit bi

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