Germanwings Flicht 9525

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Germanwings Flicht 9525
A jet aircraft takkin off, nose up, viewed frae the side, the livery spellin oot "Germanwings"
D-AIPX, the aircraft involved, in Mey 2014
Date24 Mairch 2015 (2015-03-24)
SummaryDeleeberate crash: Suicide bi co-pilot
SteidPrads-Haute-Bléone, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Fraunce
44°16′50″N 6°26′20″E / 44.280682°N 6.438823°E / 44.280682; 6.438823Coordinates: 44°16′50″N 6°26′20″E / 44.280682°N 6.438823°E / 44.280682; 6.438823[1]
Aircraft typeAirbus A320-211
Flicht oreeginBarcelona–El Prat Airport, Barcelona, Spain
DestinationDüsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf, Germany
Fatalities150 (aw)[4]

Germanwings Flight 9525 (4U9525/GWI18G)[5][lower-alpha 1] wis a scheduled internaitional passenger flicht frae Barcelona–El Prat Airport in Spain tae Düsseldorf Airport in Germany. The flicht wis operatit bi Germanwings, a law-cost cairier awned bi the German airline Lufthansa. On 24 Mairch 2015, the aircraft, an Airbus A320-211, crashed 100 kilometres (62 mi) north-wast o Nice in the French Alps. Aw 144 passengers an sax crew members war killed. It wis Germanwings' first fatal crash in the 18-year history o the company.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Abbreviatit forms o the flicht name combine the airline's IATA airline code (4U) or ICAO airline code (GWI) wi the flicht nummer.

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