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Teep o steid
Internet encyclopedie project
Available inGerman
AwnerWikimedie Foondation
EeditorGerman Wikipaedia community
Launched16 Mairch 2001

The German Wikipaedia (German: deutschsprachige Wikipedia) is the German-leid edeetion o Wikipaedia, a free an publicly editable online encyclopedie.

Foondit in Mairch 2001, it is the seicont-auldest an, wi ower 2,465,000 airticles, the third-lairgest edeetion o Wikipaedia, behind the Inglis Wikipaedia an the Dutch Wikipaedia.[1][2] On 7 November 2011, it acame the seicont edeetion o Wikipaedia, efter the Inglis edeetion, tae exceed 100 million page edits.

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