Georgie scripts

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damts'erloba "script" in Mkhedruli
LeidsGeorgie (oreeginally) an ither Kartvelian leids
Time period
430[1] – present
Parent systems
modeled on Greek
  • Georgie
ISO 15924Geor, 240 – Georgian (Mkhedruli)
Geok, 241 – Khutsuri (Asomtavruli and Nuskhuri)
Unicode alias

The Georgie scripts are the three writin seestems uised tae write the Georgie leid: Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri an Mkhedruli. Thair letters are equivalent, sharin the same names and alphabetical order an aw three are unicameral (mak no distinction atween upper an lawer case). Altho each continues tae be used, Mkhedruli (see ablo) is taken as the staundart for Georgie an its relatit Kartvelian leids.[2]

The scripts oreeginally haed 38 letters.[3] Georgie is currently written in a 33-letter alphabet, as five o the letters are obsolete in that leid. The Mingrelian alphabet uises 36: the 33 o Georgie, ane letter obsolete for that leid, and twa addeetional letters speceefic tae Mingrelian and Svan. That same obsolete letter, plus a letter borraed frae Greek, are uised in the 35-letter Laz alphabet. The fowert Kartvelian lwis, Svan, is nae commonly written, but when it is it uises the letters o the Mingrelian alphabet, wi an addeetional obsolete Georgian letter an sometimes supplementit bi diacritics for its mony vowels.[2][4]

Georgie scripts hauld the naitional status o cultural heritage in Georgie an is currently nominatit for inclusion in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Leets.[5]

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