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Georgetown (Washington, D.C.)

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Georgetown Historic District
LocationRoughly boondit bi Whitehaven Street, Rock Creek Park, the Potomac River, an the Georgetown Varsity campus
Coordinates38°54′34″N 77°3′54″W / 38.90944°N 77.06500°W / 38.90944; -77.06500Coordinates: 38°54′34″N 77°3′54″W / 38.90944°N 77.06500°W / 38.90944; -77.06500
Aurie750 acre (300 ha)
NRHP Reference #67000025
Significant dates
Addit tae NRHP28 Mey 1967
Designatit NHLD28 Mey 1967

Georgetown is a historic neebourheid, commercial, an enterteenment destrict locatit in northwast Washington, D.C., situatit alang the Potomac River. Foondit in 1751 in the Province o Maryland, the port o Georgetown predatit the establishment o the federal destrict an the City of Washington bi 40 years. Georgetown remained a separate municipality till 1871, when the Unitit States Congress creatit a new consolidatit govrenment for the whole District of Columbia. A separate act passed in 1895 specifically repealed Georgetown's remainin local ordinances an renamit Georgetown's streets tae conform wi those in the City of Washington.

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