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Georges Jacques Danton
Georges Danton.jpg
Georges-Jacques Danton. Musée Carnavalet, Paris
Member o the Committee o Public Sauftie
In office
6 Apryle 1793 – 10 Julie 1793
Precedit bi Office creautit
Meenister o Juistice
In office
10 August 1792 – 9 October 1792
Precedit bi Étienne Dejoly
Succeedit bi Dominique Joseph Garat
Preses o the Naitional Convention
In office
25 Julie 1793 – 8 August 1793
Precedit bi Jean Bon Saint-André
Succeedit bi Marie-Jean Hérault de Séchelles
Member o the Naitional Convention
In office
20 September 1792 – 5 Apryle 1794
Personal details
Born 26 October 1759(1759-10-26)
Arcis-sur-Aube, France
Dee'd 5 Apryle 1794(1794-04-05) (aged 34)
Paris, France
Naitionality French
Poleetical pairty Cordeliers Club (1790–1791)
Jacobin Club[1] (1791–1794)
Ither poleetical
The Mountain (1792–1794)
Spoose(s) Antoinette Gabrielle Danton (m. 1787–1793); her daith
Louise Sébastienne Gély (m. 1793–1794); his daith
Bairns François (1788–1789)
Antoine (1790–1858)
François Georges (1792–1848)
Parents Jacques Danton and Mary Camus
Relatives Anne Madeleine Danton (1755-1802) (Sister)
Marie Nicole Cecile Danton (1757-1814) (Sister) Danton's Family
Thrift Lawyer, politeecian

Georges Jacques Danton (French: [ʒɔʁʒ dɑ̃tɔ̃]; 26 October 1759 – 5 Apryle 1794) wis a leadin feegur in the early stages o the French Revolution, in pairteecular as the first preses o the Committee o Public Sauftie.

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