George Ramsay, 9t Yerl o Dawhoosie

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The Yerl o Dawhoosie

GG-George Ramsay.jpg
Govrenor o Nova Scotia
In office
Monarch George III
Precedit bi George Stracey Smith
Succeedit bi Sir James Kempt
Govrenor General o Breetish North Americae
In office
Monarch George IV
Precedit bi The Duke o Richmond
Succeedit bi Sir James Kempt
Commander-in-Chief o Indie
In office
Monarch William IV
Precedit bi The Viscoont Combermere
Succeedit bi Sir Edward Barnes
Personal details
Born 23 October 1770(1770-10-23)
Dawhoosie Castle, Midlowden, Scotland
Dee'd 21 Mairch 1838(1838-03-21) (aged 67)
Dawhoosie Castle, Midlowden, Scotland
Naitionality Breetish
Spoose(s) Christian Ramsay
Alma mater Varsity o Edinburgh
Religion Kirk o Scotland

General George Ramsay, 9t Yerl o Dawhoosie GCB (23 October 1770 – 21 Mairch 1838), styled Laird Ramsay till 1787, wis a Scots sodger an colonial admeenistrator.