George Papandreou

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George Papandreou
Γεώργιος Παπανδρέου
Papandreou handover cropped.jpg
Preses o the Socialist Internaitional
Assumed office
30 Januar 2006
Precedit biAntónio Guterres
Prime Meenister o Greece
In office
6 October 2009 – 11 November 2011
PresesKarolos Papoulias
DeputeTheodoros Pangalos
Precedit biKostas Karamanlis
Succeedit biLucas Papademos
Leader o the Opposeetion
In office
10 Mairch 2004 – 6 October 2009
Prime MeenisterKostas Karamanlis
Precedit biKostas Karamanlis
Succeedit biAntonis Samaras
Meenister for Foreign Affairs
In office
6 October 2009 – 7 September 2010
Precedit biDora Bakoyannis
Succeedit biDimitrios Droutsas
In office
18 Februar 1999 – 13 Februar 2004
Prime MeenisterCostas Simitis
Precedit biTheodoros Pangalos
Succeedit biTassos Yiannitsis
Preses o the Panhellenic Socialist Muivement
In office
8 Februar 2004 – 18 Mairch 2012
Precedit biCostas Simitis
Succeedit biEvangelos Venizelos
Meenister for Naitional Eddication an Releegious Affairs
In office
8 Julie 1994 – 25 September 1996
Prime MeenisterAndreas Papandreou
Precedit biDimitrios Fatouros
Succeedit biGerasimos Arsenis
In office
22 Juin 1988 – 2 Julie 1989
Prime MeenisterAndreas Papandreou
Precedit biApostolos Kaklamanis
Succeedit biVasileios Kontogiannopoulos
Personal details
BornGeorgios Andreas Papandreou Jr.
(1952-06-16) 16 Juin 1952 (age 67)
St Paul, Minnesota, U.S.
Poleetical pairtyPanhellenic Socialist Muivement (Afore 2015)
Muivement o Democratic Socialists (2015–present)
Spoose(s)Eva Zissimidou (1976–1987)
Ada Papapanou (1989–present)
RelationsGeorgios Papandreou (Grandfatiher)
BairnsAndreas (wi Eva)
Margarita-Elena (wi Ada)
ParentsAndreas Papandreou (Faither)
Alma materAmherst College
Lunnon Schuil o Economics
ReligionGreek Orthodoxy
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid

Georgios Andreas Papandreou (Greek: Γεώργιος Ανδρέας Παπανδρέου,[1][2][3] pronounced [ʝe'orʝios papanˈðreu]; born 16 Juin 1952), commonly anglicised tae George an shortened tae Giorgos (Γιώργος [ˈʝorɣos]) in Greek, is a Greek politeecian who served as Prime Meenister o Greece frae 2009 tae 2011.

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