George MacLeod

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The Reverend
The Laird MacLeod o Fuinary
Moderator o the General Assemmly
Kirk Kirk o Scotland
In affice 1957 tae 1958
Predecessor Robert Scott
Successor John Fraser
Ither posts Leader o the Iona Commonty (1938–1967)
Ordination 1924
Personal details
Birth name George Fielden MacLeod
Born 17 Juin 1895(1895-06-17)
Died 27 Juin 1991(1991-06-27) (aged 96)
Naitionality Scots
Denomination Presbyterianism
Eddication Winchester College
Alma mater Oriel College, Oxford
Varsity o Edinburgh
Union Theological Seminary, New York

George Fielden MacLeod, Baron MacLeod o Fuinary, MC (17 Juin 1895 – 27 Juin 1991) wis a Scots sodger an clergyman; he wis ane o the best kent, maist influential an unconventional Kirk o Scotland meenisters o the 20t century.

Academic offices
Precedit bi
Baron Reith
Rector o the Varsity o Glesga
Succeedit bi
Jimmy Reid