George Heriot's School

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George Heriot's School
("I Distribute Chearfullie [sic]")
Established1628 (as George Heriot's Hospital)
TypeIndependent day schuil[1]
PrincipalMr Cameron Wyllie
Heid o the Senior SchoolMr Robert Dickson
Heid o the Junior SchoolMrs Lesley Franklin
Chairman o GovrenorsMr Michael Gilbert
FoonderGeorge Heriot
LocationLauriston Place
Auld Toun, Edinburgh
55°56′45″N 3°11′40″W / 55.945918°N 3.194317°W / 55.945918; -3.194317Coordinates: 55°56′45″N 3°11′40″W / 55.945918°N 3.194317°W / 55.945918; -3.194317
Staff155 teachin, c.80 non-teachin
HoosesCastle, Greyfriars, Lauriston, Raeburn
ColoursNavy Blue, White
PublicationThe Herioter
Schuil sang"The Merry Month of June"

George Heriot's School (Scots: George Heriot's Schuil) is a Scots independent primar an seicontar schuil on Lauriston Place in the Auld Toun o Edinburgh, Scotland, wi ower 1600 pupils, 155 teachin staff an 80 non-teachin staff.[2] It wis established in 1628 as George Heriot's Hospital, bi bequest o the ryal gowdsmith George Heriot,[3] an opened in 1659.

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