George Hay (beeshop)

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The Richt Reverend
George Hay
Vicar Apostolic o the Lawland Destrict
Kirk Roman Catholic Kirk
Appointed 3 December 1778
Term endit 24 August 1805
Predecessor James Grant
Successor Alexander Cameron
Ither posts Teetular Bishop o Daulia
Ordination 2 Apryle 1758
Consecration 21 Mey 1769
bi James Grant
Personal details
Born 24 August 1729
Died 15 October 1811 (aged 82)
Naitionality Scots
Denomination Roman Catholic
Previous post Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic o Lawland Destrict (1768–1778)
Alma mater Varsity o Edinburgh

George Hay (24 August 1729 – 15 October 1811)[1] wis a Roman Catholic beeshop an writer that served as the Vicar Apostolic o the Lawland Destrict in Scotland frae 1778 tae 1805.[2][3]

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