George Hay, 14t Yerl o Kinnoull

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The Richt Honourable
The Yerl o Kinnoull
George Harley Hay, 14th Earl of Kinnoull.jpg
Yerl o Kinnoull, 1920
Personal details
Born 30 Mairch 1902(1902-03-30)
Dee'd 19 Mairch 1938(1938-03-19) (aged 35)
Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Naitionality Breetish
Spoose(s) Enid Hamilton-Fellows (m. 1923; div. 1927)
Mary Meyrick (m. 1928)
Bairns Leddy Venetia
Leddy June
Arthur Hay, 15t Yerl o Kinnoull
Parents Edmund Alfred Rollo George, Viscount Dupplin, Gladys Luz Bacon

George Harley Hay, 14t Yerl o Kinnoull (30 Mairch 1902 – 19 Mairch 1938), styled as Viscoont Dupplin frae 1903 tae 1916, wis a Scots peer.

Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Archibald Hay
Hay-Drummond coat of arms.svg
Yerl o Kinnoull

Succeedit bi
Arthur Hay
Peerage o Great Breetain
Precedit bi
Archibald Hay
Baron Hay o Pedwardine
Succeedit bi
Arthur Hay