George Grenville

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George Grenville
George Grenville (1712–1770) by William Hoare (1707-1792).jpg
Prime Meenister o Great Breetain
In office
16 Apryle 1763 – 13 Julie 1765
Monarch George III
Precedit bi The Yerl o Bute
Succeedit bi The Marquess o Rockingham
Chancellor o the Exchequer
In office
16 Apryle 1763 – 16 Julie 1765
Monarch George III
Precedit bi Sir Francis Dashwood, 2nt Bt.
Succeedit bi William Dowdeswell
Northren Secretar
In office
27 Mey 1762 – 9 October 1762
Prime Meenister Laird Bute
Precedit bi Laird Bute
Succeedit bi The Yerl o Halifax
Personal details
Born 14 October 1712(1712-10-14)
Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire, Ingland
Dee'd 13 November 1770(1770-11-13) (aged 58)
Mayfair, Middlesex, Ingland
Poleetical pairty Whig (Grenvillite)
Spoose(s) Elizabeth Wyndham (m. 1749; d. 1769)
Bairns 8
Alma mater Christ Church, Oxford
Religion Kirk o Ingland[1]

George Grenville, PC (14 October 1712 – 13 November 1770) wis a Breetish Whig statesman wha rose tae the poseetion o Prime Meenister o Great Breetain.

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