George Gordon, 1st Marquess o Huntly

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George Gordon
Dee'd(1636-06-13)13 Juin 1636 (aged 73–74)
Teetle1st Marquess o Huntly
Ither teetlesYerl o Huntly
SuccessorGeorge Gordon, 2nt Marquess o Huntly
Spoose(s)Lady Henrietta Stewart
Lady Mary Gordon
ParentsGeorge Gordon, 5t Yerl o Huntly
Anne Hamilton

George Gordon, 1st Marquess o Huntly (1562 – 13 Juin 1636) wis a Scots nobleman wha teuk a leadin role in the poleetical an militar life o Scotland in the late 16t century an aroond the time o the Union o the Crouns.