George Douglas, 16t Yerl o Morton

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George Douglas, 16t Yerl o Morton, K.T. (1761-1827), in the dress o the Ryal Company o Airchers, haudin a langbowe an a black-plumed white cockaded cap, in Holyrood Park, wi Duddingston Loch an Edinburgh Castle ayont. (William Beechey)

George Douglas, 16t Yerl o Morton, KT, FRS, FRSE, FSA (3 Apryle 1761 – 17 Julie 1827) wis the son o Sholto Douglas, 15t Yerl o Morton.

Masonic offices
Precedit bi
The Laird Napier
Grand Master o the
Grand Lodge o Scotland

Succeedit bi
Marquess o Huntly
Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
The Yerl o Ailesbury
Laird Chaumerlain tae Queen Charlotte
Succeedit bi
(daith o Queen Charlotte)
Precedit bi
The Yerl o Erroll
Laird Heich Commissioner
Succeedit bi
The Laird Forbes
Honorar teetles
Precedit bi
The Yerl o Crawford
Laird Lieutenant o Fife
Succeedit bi
The Yerl o Kellie
Precedit bi
The Marquess o Lowden
Laird Lieutenant o Midlowden
Succeedit bi
The Duke o Buccleuch
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Sholto Douglas
Douglas Arms 3.svg
Yerl o Morton

Succeedit bi
George Douglas
Peerage o Great Breetain
Precedit bi
New creaution
Baron Douglas o Lochleven
Succeedit bi
Teetle extinct