George Cross

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George Cross
George Cross.jpg
Obverse o the cross. Reebin: 1½", daurk blue.
Awarded by Commonweel realms
TypeCeevil decoration
EligibilityCommonwealth subjects
Awairdit for"... acts o the greatest heroism or o the maist conspicuous courage in circumstances o extreme danger."
StatusCurrently awarded
DescriptionHicht 48 mm, max. weenth 45 mm; (Obverse) plain siller cross wi circular medallion in the centre depictin the effigy o St. George an the Draigon, surroondit bi the wirds "FOR GALLANTRY". In the angle o ilk limm is the Royal Cypher GVI; (Reverse) plain, centre engraved wi name o recipient an date o awaird. Cross attached bi ring tae baur ornamentit wi laurel leafs, throu that the reebin passes.
Established24 September 1940
Last awairdit16 Juin 2017 (gazettit)[1]
Tot awairdit408 (includin 2 collective awairds)
90 (includin 4 umwhile EGM recipients)
408 (includin 2 collective awairds)
Order o Wear
Next (heicher)Victoria Cross[2]
Next (lawer)Order o the Gairten
RelatitGeorge Medal an Queen's Gallantry Medal
UK George Cross ribbon.svg
GC ribbon bar

The George Cross (GC) is the seicont heichest awaird o the Unitit Kinrick honours seestem.

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