George Bernard Shaw

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Nobel prize medal.svg George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw 1936.jpg
Shaw in 1936
Born 26 Julie 1856(1856-07-26)
Dublin, Ireland
Dee'd 2 November 1950(1950-11-02) (aged 94)
Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire, Ingland
Thrift Playwright, creetic, poleetical activist
Naitionality Erse
Alma mater Wesley College, Dublin
Genre Satire, black comedy
Leeterar muivement Ibsenism, naituralism
Notable awairds

Nobel Prize in Leeteratur

Academy Awaird for Writin Adaptit Screenplay
1938 Pygmalion
Spoose Charlotte Payne-Townshend (m.1898-1943); her daith


George Bernard Shaw (26 Julie 1856 – 2 November 1950) wis a Nobel-Prize-winnin Erse playwricht, creetic an passionate socialist whose influence on Wastren theater, cultur an politics stretched frae the 1880s tae his daith in 1950, at 94.