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Life Domain Kinrick Phylum Class Order Faimily Genus Species
The hierarchy of biological classification's aicht major taxonomic ranks. A faimily contains ane or mair genera. Intermediate minor rankins are nae shawn.

In biology, a genus /ˈnəs/ (plural: genera) is a law-level taxonomic rank uised in the biological classification of living an fossil organisms, which is an example o defineetion bi genus an differentia. Genera an heicher taxonomic levels such as faimilies are uised in biodiversity studies, particularly in fossil studies syne species cannot always be confidently identified an genera an faimilies typically hae langer stratigraphic ranges than species.[1]

The term comes frae the Latin genus meanin "strynd, faimily, type, gender",[2] cognate wi Greek: γένοςgenos, "race, stock, kin".[3]

The composeetion o a genus is determined bi a taxonomist. The staundarts for genus classification are nae strictly codified, so different authorities eften produce different classifications for genera. In the hierarchy o the binomial classification seestem, genus comes above species an belaw faimily.

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