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Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul강일동
 • Hanja
 • Revised RomanisationGangil-dong
 • McCune–ReischauerKangil-tong
KintraSooth Korea
 • Total2.80 km2 (1.08 sq mi)
 • Total5,350
 • Density1911/km2 (4,950/sq mi)

Gangil-dong is a dong, neebourheid o Gangdong-gu in Seoul, Sooth Korea.[1][2]

Gangil-dong is locatit on the eastmaist side o Seoul. Oreeginally a sma fermin veelage whaur development wis prohibitit due tae its location at Seoul's greenbelt, the ceety's new developments projects in the 21st century lead tae a complete transformation o this nebourheid. It is nou hame tae the Gangil River Pairk multi-rise apairtment complexes wi a view intae the Han River, the Gangil Heich-Tech Business Centre, a buist new librar an a new fower-lane brig connectin it tae Sangil-dong.

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