Gallia Narbonensis

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Provincia Gallia Narbonensis
Province o the Roman Empire
123 BC–5t century
Location o Gallia Narbonensis
The province o Gallia Narbonensis within the Roman Empire, c. 117 AD
Caipital Narbo Martius
Historical era Antiquity
 -  Established 123 BC
 -  Visigothic conquest 5t century
The day pairt o  Fraunce

Gallia Narbonensis (Scots: Narbonensian Gaul, frae the chief settlement o Narbonne) wis a Roman province locatit in what is nou Languedoc an Provence, in soothren Fraunce. It wis an aa kent as Gallia Transalpina (Transalpine Gaul), which wis oreeginally a designation for that pairt o Gaul lyin across the Alps frae Cisalpine Italia an it contained a wastren region kent as Septimania. It acame a Roman province in the late 2nt century BC, constitutin the first signeeficant Roman territory ootside o Italy. Its boundaries wur roughly defined bi the Mediterranean Sea tae the sooth an the Cévennes an Alps tae the north an wast.