Gallia Belgica

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Provincia Belgica
Province o the Roman Empire
52 BC–5t century
Location o Belgica
Caipital Durocortorum (modren Reims)[citation needit]
Historical era Antiquity
 -  Established efter the Gallic Wars 52 BC
 -  Endit wi Frankish Kinricks 5t century
The day pairt o  Belgium

Gallia Belgica (Belgic Gaul) wis a province o the Roman empire locatit in Belgium, present-day northren Fraunce, Luxembourg, pairt o the present-day Netherlands ablo the Rhine, an the German Rhineland. It wis oreeginally componed o the lands o the alliance o the Belgae who haed foucht against Julius Caesar, plus the lands o thair sootheastren neighbours the Treveri, Mediomatrici an Leuci. The soothren border o Belgica, furmed bi the Marne an Seine rivers, wis reportit bi Caesar as the oreeginal cultural boondary atween the Belgae an the Gauls (Celts).[1]

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