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Romuliana Galerius head.jpg
Porphyry bust o Galerius
Jynt 53rd Emperor o the Roman Empire
Ring 1 Mairch or 21 Mey 293[1][2]:4, 38[3]:288[4]:146[5]:64–5[6] – 1 Mey 305 (as Caesar, unner Diocletian)[7]
1 Mey 305 – late Aprile or early Mey 311 (as Augustus alangside Constantius (till Julie 25, 306) then Severus (till ware 307) then Constantine (frae ca. September 307; unrecognised bi Galerius' coinage frae ca. September 307 tae November 308) then Licinius (frae 11 November 308))[2]:4–6
Predecessor Maximian an Diocletian[7]
Successor Maximinus, Constantine, an Licinius[2]:7
Born ca. 260[2]:37, 46
Serdica[8] (Sofia, Bulgarie)
Dee'd Late Aprile or early Mey 311 (aged 51)[9]
Serdica (Sofia), Bulgarie
Buirial Serdica or Felix Romuliana (Gamzigrad)[10]
Spouse Galeria Valeria[2]:38
Issue Candidianus
Valeria Maximilla, Roman Empress
Full name
Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximianus Augustus[7]
Mither Romula (alleged)[2]:37–8

Galerius (Laitin: Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximianus Augustus;[11] c. 260 – Aprile or Mey 311), wis Roman Emperor frae 305 tae 311.[12]

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