Galápagos Islands

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Galápagos Islands
Location Paceefic Ocean
Coordinates 0°40′S 90°33′W / 0.667°S 90.550°W / -0.667; -90.550Coordinates: 0°40′S 90°33′W / 0.667°S 90.550°W / -0.667; -90.550
Tot islands 19
Major islands 18
Aurie 8,010 km2 (3,090 sq mi)
Heichest elevation 1,707 m (5,600 ft)
Heichest point Volcán Wolf
Province Galápagos
Caipital ceety Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Population 26,640 (2012)
Pop. density 3 /km2 (8 /sq mi)
Additional information
Time zone
Offeecial name Galápagos Islands
Teep Naitural
Criteria vii, viii, ix, x
Designatit 1978 (2nt session)
Reference no. 1
Region Laitin Americae an the Caribbean
Extension 2001 an 2003
Endangered 2007–2010

The Galápagos Islands (offeecial name: Archipiélago de Colón, ither Spainyie name: Islas Galápagos, Spaingie pronunciation: [ˈislas gaˈlapaɣos]) are an airchipelago o volcanic islands distributit on either side o the Equator in the Paceefic Ocean, 906 km (563 mi) wast o continental Ecuador, o which thay are a pairt.