Gagino, Moscow Oblast

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Oor Lady o Kazan kirk in Gagino
Oor Lady o Kazan kirk in Gagino
Location o Gagino
Gagino is located in Roushie
Location o Gagino
Gagino is located in Moscow Oblast
Gagino (Moscow Oblast)
Coordinates: 56°21′00″N 38°21′54″E / 56.35000°N 38.36500°E / 56.35000; 38.36500Coordinates: 56°21′00″N 38°21′54″E / 56.35000°N 38.36500°E / 56.35000; 38.36500
Federal subjectMoscow Oblast
Admeenistrative destrictSergiyevo-Posadsky Destrict
Landwart dounsetBereznyakovskoye Landwart Dounset
 • Municipal destrictSergiyevo-Posadsky Municipal Destrict
 • Rural settlementBereznyakovskoye Landwart Dounset
Time zoneUTC+3 (Moscow Time Edit this on Wikidata[1])
Postal code(s)[2]
141313Edit this on Wikidata
Dialin code(s)+7 496
OKTMO ID46615406136

Gagino (Roushie: Гагино) is a landwart locality (a village in Sergiyevo-Posadsky Destrict o Moscow Oblast, Roushie.

It wis first mentioned in 1462 as Timofeyevskoye (Тимофеевское). The day, it lacks substantial industry, agricultur an infrastructur an haes a smaw population, wi maist hooses uised as simmer cottages.

The major landmarks an the auldest structurs preservit in Gagino are the Aw-Merciful Savior an Oor Lady o Kazan kirks wi a ravagit an abandoned cemetery aside.

The All-Merciful Savior kirk is notable for Feodor Chaliapin's weddin, while Oor Lady o Kazan kirk (colloquially cried "Kazanskaya") annually serves as a affstage for the Chaliapin festival.

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