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GC-45 155 mm Howitzer
An ex-Iraqi GHN-45 at the U.S. Airmy Field Artillery Museum, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in travel mode
Teep Howitzer
Place o oreegin  Canadae
Service history
In service 1970s-present
Uised bi
Wars Iran–Iraq War, Gulf War, Cambodian–Thai border staund-off
Production history
Designer Gerald Bull
Designed 1970s
Manufacturer Space Research Corporation, Noricum, NORINCO
Produced 1980s-Present
Variants GHN-45, PLL01
Wecht 8,220 kg (18,120 lb)

Calibre 155 mm (6.1 in.)
Cairiage split trail
Elevation -89 to 1,280 mils
Traverse Left 534 mils, Right 711 mils
Rate o fire maximum: 5 rpm sustained: 2 rpm
Muzzle velocity 897 m/s (2,943 ft/sec)
Maximum firin range 39.6 km (24.6 mi)
with Base bleed

The GC-45 (Gun, Canadae, 45-calibre) is a 155 mm howitzer designed by Gerald Bull's Space Research Corporation (SRC) in the 1970s. Versions were produced by a number of companies during the 1980s, notably in Austrick and Sooth Africae.

The maist publicized uise of the design was in Iraq, where the GHN-45 variant uised by some Iraqi artillery units haed a longer range than ony coalition cannon seestems. This initially caused considerable worry on the pairt of the allied forces in the Persian Gulf War.[1]

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