Günther Victor, Prince o Schwarzburg

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Günther Victor
Prince o Schwarzburg
Günther Victor von Schwarzburg.jpg
Born21 August 1852(1852-08-21)
Rudolstadt, Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
Dee'd21 Apryle 1925(1925-04-21) (aged 72)
Sondershausen, Weimar Republic
SpousePrincess Anna Luise o Schönburg-Waldenburg
HooseHoose o Schwarzburg
FaitherPrince Adolf o Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
MitherPrincess Mathilde o Schönburg-Waldenburg

Günther Victor, Prince o Schwarzburg (21 August 1852 – 16 Aprile 1925) wis the final sovereign prince o Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt an Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, an an aw the last German ruler tae abdicate in the wake o the November Revolution o 1918.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Prince Günther mairit Princess Anna Luise o Schönburg-Waldenburg at Rudolstadt on 9 December 1891. Thay haed nae issue.