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Gültan Kışanak (born 15 Juin 1961, Elâzığ, Turkey) is a Kurdish Zaza politeecian o the Peace an Democracy Pairty (BDP) in Turkey.

Studyin jurnalism at Ege Varsity, Izmir, she wirkit as a jurnalist for various newspapers. She haes been Project Consultant in Diyarbakır an Municipal Coordinator for mony projects. She is marriet wi ane bairn.

She stuid successfully as a independent in the 2007 pairlamentar elections in Turkey an is nou a MP for Diyarbakır. Durin the campaign she wis quotit as sayin "This election is important acause Turkey is at the crossroads. Either it is goin tae opt for developin democratic alternatives or will bring the oppressive policies back on tae the agenda. We are howpin for the democratic forces to come out of these elections much stronger and help to establish the options of democracy dialog and peace. We'll search for solutions no in violence, but in pairlament."[1]

She featured in the 2008 film “Wha a bonnie democracy” aboot the struggle o Turkis weemen runnin for pairlament.[2]

At the beginnin o 2009, she was reportit tae hae prepared a bill tae enable the Kurdish leid tae be uised in the public space.[3][4]

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