Göbekli Tepe

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Göbekli Tepe
structures A - D
The ruins o Göbekli Tepe
Göbekli Tepe is locatit in Turkey
Göbekli Tepe
Shawn within Turkey
Location Örencik, Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey
Region N/A
Coordinates 37°13′23″N 38°55′21″E / 37.22306°N 38.92250°E / 37.22306; 38.92250Coordinates: 37°13′23″N 38°55′21″E / 37.22306°N 38.92250°E / 37.22306; 38.92250
Teep Sanctuary
Foondit aboot 11,500 years ago
Abandoned aboot 9,000 yrs ago.
Periods Pre-Pottery Neolithic A tae B
Site notes
Condeetion well preserved
Wabsteid references:[1]

Göbekli Tepe (pronounced [ɟøbekˈli teˈpe][2]), "Potbelly Hill"[3] in Turkis, is an airchaeological steid atap a moontain rig in the Sootheastren Anatolie Region o modren-day Turkey, approximately 12 km (7 mi) northeast o the ceety o Şanlıurfa.

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