Furrin & Commonweel Office

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Furrin an Commonweel Office
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Logo.svg
Foreign & Commonwealth Office main building.jpg
Furrin an Commonweel Office Main Biggin, Lunnon, seen frae Whitehall
Depairtment overview
Furmed 1968; 50 years ago (1968)
Preceding agencies Commonweel Office
Furrin Office
Jurisdiction Unitit Kinrick
Heidquarters King Charles Street
Lunnon, SW1
51°30′09″N 0°07′39.7″W / 51.50250°N 0.127694°W / 51.50250; -0.127694
Annual budget £1.1bn (current) & £0.1bn (caipital) in 2015-16[1]
Meenister responsible Boris Johnson, Secretar o State for Foreign an Commonweel Affairs
Depairtment executive Sir Simon McDonald KCMG KCVO, Permanent Unner-Secretar
Child agencies FCO Services
Wilton Park
UK Trade & Investment (with BIS)
Wabsteid www.gov.uk/fco

The Furrin an Commonweel Office (Inglis: Foreign and Commonwealth Office, FCO), commonly cried the Furrin Office, is a depairtment o the Govrenment o the Unitit Kinrick. It is responsible for pertectin an promotin Breetish interests warldwide.

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Coordinates: 51°30′09.7″N 0°07′39.7″W / 51.502694°N 0.127694°W / 51.502694; -0.127694