Funyie Girt

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Funyie Girt
Shetland, Scotland, UK
Coastline east of Hamars Ness, Fetlar - - 1028202.jpg
Vord Hill frae the wast. Funyie Girt dyke runs alang the side o the hill at aboot 90 metres (295 ft) abuin sea level.
Funyie Girt is locatit in Shetland
Funyie Girt
Funyie Girt
Location in Shetland
Coordinates60°37′23″N 0°52′05″W / 60.623°N 0.868°W / 60.623; -0.868Coordinates: 60°37′23″N 0°52′05″W / 60.623°N 0.868°W / 60.623; -0.868
Grid referenceHU620938

Funyie Girt (Inglis: Funzie Girt "Finns' dyke")[1] is an auncient dividin waw that wis erectit frae north tae sooth athort the island o Fetlar in Shetland, Scotland.

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