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Funan Empire
(Nokor Phnom)

50/68 AD–550 AD
Location o Nokor Phnom
CaipitalPossibly Vyadhapura
Common leidsPossibly Auld Khmer, Sanskrit
Hinduism, Buddhism an native Animism
Historical eraClessical Antiquity
• Established
50/68 AD
• Disestablished
550 AD
Succeedit bi

Funan (Cheenese: 扶南; pinyin: Fúnán or Cheenese: 跋南; pinyin: Bánán, Khmer: ហ្វូណន Fonon, Vietnamese: Phù Nam) or Nokor Phnom (Khmer: នគរភ្នំ) wis the name gien bi Cheenese cartografers, geografers an writers tae an auncient Indianised state—or, raither a lowse netwark o states (Mandala)[1][2]—locatit in mainland Sootheast Asie centred on the Mekong Delta that existit frae the first tae saxt century CE.

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