Fumimaro Konoe

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Fumimaro Konoe
近衞 文麿
Fumimaro Konoe clear background.jpg
Prime Meenister o Japan
In office
22 Julie 1940 – 18 October 1941
Monarch Shōwa
Precedit bi Mitsumasa Yonai
Succeeded by Hideki Tōjō
In office
4 Juin 1937 – 5 Januar 1939
Monarch Shōwa
Precedit bi Senjūrō Hayashi
Succeeded by Kiichirō Hiranuma
Leader o the Taisei Yokusankai
In office
12 October 1940 – 18 October 1941
Succeeded by Hideki Tōjō
Personal details
Born 12 October 1891(1891-10-12)
Tokyo, Japan
Poleetical pairty Imperial Rule Assistance Association (1940–1945)
Ither poleetical
Independent (Before 1940)

Prince [1] Fumimaro Konoe (近衛 文麿 Konoe Fumimaro?, often Konoye, 12 October 1891 – 16 December 1945) wis a Japanese politeecian in the Empire o Japan who served as the 34t, 38t an 39t Prime Meenister o Japan an foonder/leader o the Taisei Yokusankai. He wis Prime Menister in the lead-up tae Japan enterin Warld War II.

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  1. Although -- in accordance with the system adopted by the Japanese imperial government from the Meiji period through the end of WWII -- the official English translation of Konoe's title was "prince," the title of kōshaku (ja:公爵) was actually a closer equivalent to "duke."