Fritz Pregl

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Fritz Pregl
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Born3 September 1869(1869-09-03)
Ljubljana, Austrick Hungary
Died13 December 1930(1930-12-13) (aged 61)
Graz, Austrick
Alma materVarsity of Graz
Kent forMicroelemental analysis
AwairdsLieben Prize (1914)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1923)
Scientific career
FieldsChemistry, medicine
Doctoral advisorWilhelm Ostwald
Emil Fischer

Fritz Pregl (in Slovene an aa Friderik Pregl) (3 September 1869 – 13 December 1930), wis a Slovenie an Austrick chemist an pheesician frae a mixed Slovene-German-speakin backgrund. He wan the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1923 for makin important contreibutions tae quantitative organic microanalysis, ane o which wis the improvement o the combustion train technique for elemental analysis.