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Friedrich Karl Rudolf Bergius
Born 11 October 1884(1884-10-11)
Breslau (Wrocław), Germany
Died 30 Mairch 1949(1949-03-30) (aged 64)
Buenos Aires, Argentinae
Naitionality Germany
Alma mater Varsity o Breslau,
Varsity o Leipzig
Kent for Bergius process
Awairds Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1931)
Wilhelm Exner Medal (1937)
Scientific career
Fields Chemistry
Institutions Varsity o Hanover
Doctoral advisor Richard Abegg,
Arthur Rudolf Hantzsch

Friedrich Karl Rudolf Bergius (11 October 1884 – 30 Mairch 1949) wis a German chemist kent for the Bergius process for producin synthetic fuel frae coal, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1931, thegither wi Carl Bosch) in recogneetion o contreibutions tae the invention an development o chemical heich-pressur methods. Haein wirked wi IG Farben during Warld War II, his ceetizenship came intae quaistien follaein the war, causin him tae ultimately flee tae Argentinae, whaur he actit as adviser tae the Meenistry o Industry.[1][2]

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