Fresno, Californie

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Fresno, Californie
Ceety o Fresno
Dountoun Fresno in Januar 2008
Dountoun Fresno in Januar 2008
Banner o Fresno, Californie
Offeecial seal o Fresno, Californie
Nickname(s): Raisin Caipital o the Warld, Freshno, Fres-Yes, The No
Location in the state o Californie
Location in the state o Californie
Fresno, Californie is locatit in the US
Fresno, Californie
Fresno, Californie
Location in the Unitit States
Coordinates: 36°45′N 119°46′W / 36.750°N 119.767°W / 36.750; -119.767Coordinates: 36°45′N 119°46′W / 36.750°N 119.767°W / 36.750; -119.767
Kintra Unitit States
State Californie
Coonty Fresno
Region San Joaquin Valley
Foondit 1872
Incorporatit October 12, 1885[2]
 • Teep Mayor-Cooncil
 • Mayor Ashley Swearengin (R)[3]
 • Ceety Manager Bruce Rudd[4]
 • City Council Blong Xiong
Steve Brandau
Oliver Baines III
Paul Caprioglio
Sal Quintero
Lee Brand
Clint Olivier[5]
 • Ceety 290.877 km2 (112.308 sq mi)
 • Laund 289.967 km2 (111.957 sq mi)
 • Watter 0.91 km2 (0.351 sq mi)  0.31%
Elevation[7] 94 m (308 ft)
Population (2010)[8]
 • Ceety 509,039[1]
 • Rank 1st in Fresno County
5th in California
34th in the United States
 • Metro 1,081,315
Demonym(s) Fresnan
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
 • Simmer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)
ZIP code 93650, 93701-12, 93714-18, 93720-30, 93737, 93740-41, 93744-45, 93747, 93750, 93755, 93761, 93764-65, 93771-79, 93786, 93790-94, 93844, 93888
Aurie code 559
FIPS code 06-27000[9]
GNIS featur IDs 277606, 2410546

Fresno (/ˈfrɛzn/ FREZ-noh) is a ceety in Central Californie, Unitit States, the coonty seat o Fresno Coonty. As o 2012, the ceety's population wis 509,039 makin it the fift lairgest ceety in Californie, the lairgest inland ceety in Californie an the 34t lairgest in the naition. Fresno is in the centre o the San Joaquin Valley an is the lairgest ceety in the Central Valley, which contains the San Joaquin Valley. Approximately 200 miles (320 km) north o Los Angeles, an 170 miles (270 km) sooth o the state caipital, Sacramento. Metropolitan Fresno haes a population o 1,107,416.[citation needit] The name Fresno is the Spainyie leid wird for the ash tree, an an ash leaf is featurt on the ceety's banner.

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