French preses election, 2017

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French presidential election, 2017

← 2012 23 Apryle an 7 Mey 2017 2022 →
  Emmanuel Macron Marine Le Pen
Nominee Emmanuel Macron Marine Le Pen
Pairty EM FN
Popular vote 20,753,798 10,644,118
Percentage 66.1% 33.9%

Élection présidentielle de 2017 par département T2.svg
Results o the seicont roond bi depairtment
     Emmanuel Macron      Marine Le Pen

Preses afore election

François Hollande

Electit Preses

Emmanuel Macron

The first roond o the 2017 French presidential election war held on 23 Apryle 2017. Na candidate win a majority, sae a run-off election atween the tap twa candidates wis held on 7 Mey 2017. Incumbent preses François Hollande o the Socialist Pairty is eligible tae run for a seicont term, but declared that he would nae seek re-election on 1 December 2016, acomin the first preses o the Fift Republic nae tae seek re-election. Emmanuel Macron an Marine Le Pen war the twa final candidates. Macron wan the seicont roond.