French Seicont Republic

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French Republic

République française
Great Seal o Fraunce
Great Seal
Motto: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"
AnthemLe Chant des Girondins
"The Sang o Girondists"
Cairt o the French Seicont Republic
Cairt o the French Seicont Republic
Common leidsFrench
GovrenmentSemi-presidential republic
• 1848–1852
Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte
Prime Meenister 
• 1848
Jacques-Charles Dupont (first)
• 1851
Léon Faucher (last)
LegislaturNaitional Assembly
23 Februar 1848
27 Aprile 1848
4 November 1848
2 December 1851
2 December 1852
CurrencyFrench Franc
ISO 3166 codeFR
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Julie Monarchy
Seicont French Empire
The day pairt o France

The French Seicont Republic wis the republican govrenment o France atween the 1848 Revolution an the 1851 coup bi Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte which initiatit the Seicont Empire.

Coordinates: 48°49′N 2°29′E / 48.817°N 2.483°E / 48.817; 2.483